Sruthair – "a river or stream"


Shrule , Co.Mayo

Shrule is a small parish with a rich history , on the Mayo side of the Mayo-Galway border about 25km from Galway city. Shrule village nestling on the Mayo side of the Black River lies between Headford and Ballinrobe on the N84 main road from Galway to Castlebar .

Shrule the name given in 1570 by the four masters as Sruthair, the word is a variation of Sruth or Sruthan: a stream or river. The tradition of Shrule deriving it’s name from sruth-fuil, meaning river of blood, because of a massacre at Shrule bridge in 1642 is a fabrication and incorrect, as the name was already in use before that time.The name took various forms through the centuries, i.e.: Strothyr, Shrure, Shrower, Sruhir, and Shruel…



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