Sruthair – "a river or stream"



The Annals of Shrule

Shrule parish situated on the Mayo side of the Galway-Mayo border on the Eastern Shore of lough Corrib is a small parish of 9000 acres. It is approximately five miles long and one mile wide. The town of Shrule is sited on the eastern side of the parish beside the Blackriver. Shrule was an important natural crossing point on that river, a ford on the North-South route on the Eastern Shore of the Corrib.

The Annals of Shrule were originally compiled by Gerard Metadger and in the past decade they have been added to and reformatted several times to include new material and to separate information into different categories better suited to presentation on the internet . The Annals do not include the twentieth century but anybody can add information to this history of the area !

Historical Notes
More details about the various castles , the Churchs and abbeys and archaeological finds in the area .

Dalgan Park and the Columban Mission college , including a revisit from the new Dalgan Park in 2002 & 2018 .

Some photos of the derelict mill and shrule castle by Chris Deacon on

Article from the Dublin Penny Journal describing the Massacre of Shrule on 18th of February 1641.

The Battle of Shrule – 1570 (Fron the Annals of the Four Masters )

J.F. Quinn’s History Articles on Shrule
The articles from the Western People relating to Shrule are here

In the 1930’s and 1940’s J.F. Quinn wrote historical pieces for the Western People which have been reproduced in book form by his son Brendan …

History of Mayo by J. F. Quinn


ISBN 0951928007 (0-9519280-0-7)
Hardcover, Brendan Quinn

Irish Immigrant Advertisements (19th Century)
The Search For Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot and From “Information Wanted” Ads in the Irish-American .

The Annals of the Four Masters
The Battle of Shrule circa 1570 from The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland (Irish: Annála Ríoghachta Éireann) or the Annals of the Four Masters (Annála na gCeithre Máistrí) .

The Annals are a chronicle of medieval Irish history. The entries span from the Deluge, dated as 2,242 years after creation to AD 1616. The full text is available here ..

Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary 1837
The Shrule and related entries are reproduced here .

First published in 1837 in two volumes, with an accompanying atlas, it marked a new and significantly higher standard in such accounts of Ireland. Apart from The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland published in 1845, it has not been superseded.

The first edition is available online. A second edition was published in 1842.

Tithe Applotments 1823-1838
Shrule :: Tithe Applotment records.

The Composition Act of 1823 specified that tithes due to the Established Church, the Church of Ireland, which had hitherto been payable in kind, should now be paid in money.As a result, it was necessary to carry out a valuation of the entire country, civil parish by civil parish, to determine how much would be payable by each landholder. This was done over the ensuing 15 years, up to the abolition of tithes in 1838.

The Books of Survey and Distribution
Follow this link for more detail and the entries for Shrule and Moorgagagh

After the wars of the mid-seventeenth century, the English government needed solid information on land ownership throughout Ireland to carry out its policy of land redistribution. The Books of Survey and Distribution record ownership before the Cromwellian and Williamite confiscations, c.1641, and after, c.1666

The History of Mayo to the Close of the Sixteenth Century
The Kilmaine Barony parts of :

The History of the County of Mayo to the Close of the Sixteenth Century. ( KNOX, Robert Thomas. ) ISBN 0 946130 32 9
With illustrations and three maps. Prime historical reference work on the history of the County Mayo from the earliest times to 1600. It deals at length with the De Burgo Lordship of Connaught. Illustrated with a large folding detailed map of the county, coloured in outline. There are 49 pages of genealogies of the leading families of Mayo: O’Connor, MacDonnell Galloglass, Bourke Mac William Iochtar, Gibbons, Jennings, Philbin, Barret, Joyce, Jordan, Costello, etc.