Sruthair – "a river or stream"

Shrule :: Heritage , Ecology and Archeology

We’re seeking to preserve the heritage of the area…

Is mian linn oidhreacht an cheantair a chaomhnú…

The project encompasses the parish of Shrule on a townland by townland basis.

Some of the habitat/ecology aspects will cross townland borders so may be included in more than one townland.

The parish townland placenames and historical details are available here … Placenames of Shrule

The Heritage Information by townland list


Archaeological heritage :: Oidhreacht seandálaíochta

Description and scope of project


Cultural heritage :: Oidhreacht chultúrtha

Description and scope of project


Cultural heritage :: Oidhreacht Nádurtha

The parish of Shrule has a rich natural heritage which comprises of a diverse number of ecosystems.  These are made up of a variety of priority habitat types which include:

·         Woodlands (dry and wet woodlands).

·         Freshwater bodies (lakes, turloughs, rivers, streams and ponds).

·         Wetlands (bogland, reedbeds and marshes).

·         Hedgerows (native species such as birch, hazel, holly, hawthorn and blackthorn).

·         Grassland (meadowland, orchid rich, scrubland, pastureland and agricultural).

·         Limestone outcrops.

These rich habitats are vital havens for conserving and sustaining flora and many important native Irish wildlife species such as hares, foxes, pine martens, stoats, otters and brown trout.  Our freshwater habitats, vital local drainage channels, are teeming with an abundance of water and insect life which are important feeding grounds for an assortment of water fowl and waders.

Our woodlands, boglands, grasslands and hedgerows, carbon sinks which are swarming with a vast range of insect life, includes bees, butterflies, hoverflies and moths.  Our habitats sustain not only a diverse range of native wild birds but also a vast number of migratory birds who stop off in our parish every year to feed.

The Irish state has acknowledged the importance of the natural heritage within our parish.  A number of our habitats have been designated as a Special Areas of Conservation, these include Shrule turlough, Mocorha lough and Lough Corrib foreshore.


Our natural heritage is an important asset for our parish and its conservation is vital in mitigating climate change for both its current and future inhabitants.

Kate Kelly

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