Sruthair – "a river or stream"



Field Name Book description from 1838/1839 noted by the surveyors who produced the O.S maps originally.


B.S.S.M. : 17
Glas-Bhaile, green town.

  • Glasvally : J. 0’D,
  • Glassevally : Strafford’s Survey
  • Glassbally : Rev. Jas. Geraghty
  • Glassvally : Inq. temp. Eliz
  • Glasballie , Glasvally : Inq. temp. Jac. I.

Situated in the west side of the parish. It is bounded on the N. by the td. of Gortatober; E, by the td. of Ballisnahyny; S. by Mounthenry td.; and W. by Ballycurrin td.


Historical & Archaeological features


Ecology & Habitats